DIY Shower Remodeling - All Tile Shower - Shower Remodeling

I completely demolished my prefab fiberglass shower stall. I built an all tile shower with sliding glass door.
Construction materials and tools for this shower remodeling project:
For demolishing : reciprocating saw, compact circular saw, hammer, crowbar.
For tile cutting : manual tile cutter, tile wet saw, grinder with diamond blade, tile hole saw, rubbing stone for tile edge sanding.
For tile installation : 12", 24", 48" beam level, tile trowel, tile spacers.
Materials : cement board, cement board screws, shower drain, shower liner, shower sliding door, shower faucet, 3-way diverter, plumbing copper pipe, 2"x2", 3"x6", 24"x12" porcelaine tiles, waterproof liquid membrane, membrane protector for plywood subfloor, aluminum trims, mortar for shower pan, tile adhesive for shower, grout, shower light.

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Shower remodeling, the final result.
All tile shower completed

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